There are many ways to make an illuminated page. The method I will show here is the most basic way to make one.

If you have not done so, either go to your local library or search the internet for manuscripts. The best way to get an idea of what you want to produce is to see what was done during the time period you are trying to portray. It is easy to paint flowers and lines and people on a page. But to create a page similar to that of the Book of Kells, you have to know what style the Book of Kells was done in.

To help get you started on what may be of interest to you, I have compiled a list of famous manuscripts that should be easy to find online:

Book of Durrow

Book of Kells

Hastings Hours

Ghislieri Hours

Book of Lindisfarne

Psautier de Blanche de Castille

This list is intended to help get you started on your journey to creating your own illuminated pieces.

Once you have an idea of what it takes to make a manuscript or scroll, your next steps will be to buy the supplies to make one and understand the process used to make a single page. The drop-down menu from Scroll Making will help you with the rest of this process.


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